Evolution isnt science

23 05 2009

Is evolution a science? I doubt it. Hi my name is Matt and ive looked for proof of evolution for most of my 40 years. Ive discussed evolution with many hundreds of atheists over the years, i’ve read much evolutionary data, ive scoured the internet as well many times. Ive even bought Richard Dawkins books looking for some proof but there is only his “idea’s” in those. Still to this day i cannot find any real “proof of evolution”, a funny thing really when i constantly hear evolutionists claim that there is “overwhelming evidence” for evolution. So look around this site and lets see if evolution is really a fact or not.

At the end of this video it credits “Allah” for creation. We disagree with this statement.

If evolution isnt a science, then what is it?

Evolution is exactly what the inventor of evolution Charles Darwin called it, “A Theory”.  The theory of evolution is held by “Faith” by today’s scientists. What is faith? It’s a belief that is not based on proof, example: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

On this blog we will attempt to show you how no proof of evolution exists whatsoever, hence its a faith.

So why do scientists believe in evolution?

Here’s why,
“Although the classical ideal is that scientific theories are evaluated by a careful teasing-out of their internal logic and external implications, and checking whether these deductions and predictions are in-line-with old and new observations; the fact that so many vague, dumb or incoherent scientific theories are apparently believed by so many scientists for so many years is suggestive that this ideal does not necessarily reflect real world practice.  In the real world it looks more like most scientists are quite willing to pursue wrong ideas for so long as they are rewarded with a better chance of achieving more grants, publications and status.”

To say “that the theory is phoney, and always was phoney, and this is why it so singularly fails to predict reality is regarded as simplistic, crass, merely a sign of lack of sophistication.  And anyway, there are… the reputations of numerous scientists who are now successful and powerful on the back of the phoney theory, and who by now control the peer review process (including allocation of grants, publications and jobs) so there is a powerful disincentive against upsetting the apple cart.”

“Zombie science is science that is dead but will not lie down.”  “Zombie science is supported because it is useful propaganda.  Zombie science is deployed in arenas such as political rhetoric, public administration, management, public relations, marketing and the mass media generally.  It persuades, it constructs taboos, it buttresses some kind of rhetorical attempt to shape mass opinion.  Indeed, zombie science often comes across in the mass media as being more plausible than real science.”
Charlton, Bruce G. 2008. Zombie science: A sinister consequence of evaluating scientific theories purely on the basis of enlightened self-interest. Medical Hypotheses, Vol. 71, pp. 327-329.

See a list of skeptical scientists here and read below how one of the founders of the field of antibiotics is skeptical of evolution.

Ernst Chain (1906-1979) and two others were awarded the 1945 Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.  Chain identified the structure of penicillin, and isolated the active substance.  He is considered to be one of the founders of the field of antibiotics.  Concerning Darwin’s theory of evolution, Chain found it to be “a very feeble attempt” to explain the origin of species based on assumptions so flimsy that “it can hardly be called a theory.”A He saw the reliance on chance mutations as a “hypothesis based on no evidence and irreconcilable with the facts.”B He wrote:  “These classic evolutionary theories are a gross oversimplification of an immensely complex and intricate mass of facts, and it amazes me that they were swallowed so uncritically and readily, and for such a long time, by so many scientists without a murmur of protest.”B Chain concluded that he “would rather believe in fairies than in such wild speculation” as Darwinism.A He was born in Berlin, Germany, and obtained his Ph.D. in biochemistry and physiology there.  He worked as a research scientist at Cambridge (also studying for a Ph.D. there), at Oxford University until 1948, and then as a professor and researcher at several other universities.  In 1938, Chain came across Alexander Fleming’s 1929 paper on penicillin, and showed it to his colleague Howard Florey.  In their research, Chain isolated and purified penicillin.–Jerry Bergman, Ph.D. April 2008. Ernst Chain: Antibiotics Pioneer. Acts&Facts, Vol. 37, No. 4, pp. 10-12.
A.  Clark, R.W. 1985. The Life of Ernst Chain: Penicillin and Beyond. New York: St. Martin’s Press, p. 147.
B.  Chain, E. 1970. Social Responsibility and the Scientist in Modern Western Society (Robert Waley Cohen memorial lecture).

Concerning transitional fossils, world famous paleontologist Colin Patterson admitted that “there is not one such fossil for which one could make a watertight argument.” Not one.

Surely it is not necessary for me to remind college professors that Piltdown Man was a total fraud and Nebraska Man turned out to be a pig, not an ape man! And in recent years we have discovered that Neanderthal Man was simply a man with rickets and arthritis, not the much desired “ape man.” Need I go on? The truth is that only a fool says evolution is a fact compared to gravity, and to equate scientific creationists with flat earthers as many evolutionists do is outrageous irresponsibility.

Biologist, Dr. Pierre Grasse, considered the greatest living scientist in France, wrote a book to “launch a frontal assault on all forms of Darwinism.” Grasse is not a religious fanatic, yet he called evolution a “pseudo-science.”

Dr. Soren Lovtrup, Professor of Zoo-physiology at the University of Umea in Sweden wrote, “I suppose that nobody will deny that it is a great misfortune if an entire branch of science becomes addicted to a false theory. But this is what has happened in biology: for a long time now people discuss evolutionary problems in a peculiar ‘Darwinian’ vocabulary…thereby believing that they contribute to the explanation of natural events.” He went on to say, “I believe that one day the Darwinian myth will be ranked the greatest deceit in the history of science.” He also said, “Evolution is ‘anti-science.'” And so it is.(ref http://www.cstnews.com/Code/FaithEvl.html)

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